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Ship Plans

The National Maritime Museum looks after the largest single collection of original ship plans in the world. The one million plans date from the early-18th century to the present day and form a unique and authentic primary source.

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Plan of 'Swift' (1794)


British & North American Royal Mail steam ship 'Persia'


Ship plan for 'Gulf of Ancud'


Ship plan for SS 'Alagoas'

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Ship plan for SS 'Phidius'


Ship plan for HMS 'Hector'


Construction plan of Thornycroft assault landing craft


Inboard profile plan of ocean liner RMS 'Mauretania' (1906)

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Upper deck plan of 'Frederick William'


Queen class modificiations to 'Royal Frederick'


Midship section of 'Duke of Wellington'


Internal profile of 'Victoria'

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3688783 #media dmcs-3688783

Rigging plan for 'Hibernia' (1899)


Profile and decks plan for 'Cambria' (1897)


Plan of 45ft longboat (1798)


Plan of 45ft longboat (no date)

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Plan of 60ft mooring lighter (no date)


Plan of 80ft water vessel (1796)


Plan of 31ft longboat (circa 1801)


Plan of 'Endeavour' (1768)

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3688778 #media dmcs-3688778
3688776 #media dmcs-3688776
3688774 #media dmcs-3688774

Ship plan for cutter yacht 'Daphne'


Plan of 31ft powder barge (1825)


Plan of 'Two Brothers' (no date)


Plan of 32ft boat (no date)

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3688768 #media dmcs-3688768
3688766 #media dmcs-3688766

Plan of 'Hayling' (1760)


Plan of 'Hayling' (1760)


Plan of 'Hayling' (1760)


Plan of 'Hayling' (1760)

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3688761 #media dmcs-3688761
3688759 #media dmcs-3688759

Plan of 'Wight' (circa 1823)


Plan of 'Wight' (circa 1823)


Plan of 'Lively' (1797)


Plan of 'Truelove' (1720?)

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Plan of 'Mary' (1728)


Plan of 'Ant' (1798)


Plan of Plan of 'Ant' (1798)


Plan of 10ft coppering punts

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Plan of 12 ft coppering punt (circa 1878)


Plan of 14ft coppering punt (circa 1878)


Plan of 'Swift' (1794)


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